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Instructions to submit the study plan

First-year Students must submit their study plan. This is done through an online procedure that is activated in the last months of the year, according to a calendar defined from year to year and available at the School of Science Web Site.

The Study Plans must meet the requirements of the Curriculum, and are subject to verification by the Teaching Committee.

Students can request modifications of the Study Plan submitted, through the same online procedure or through an urgent modification request at the student secretariat, if needed (this is done in case the Thesis defense is scheduled before the June exam session of the successive calendar year).

The Student Guide  shows the typical structure of the study plans for the two curricula, with the indications of mandatory and recommended courses. This information is typically reported also here (Currriculum Cyber Physical Systems) and here (Curriculum Data Science) for the two curricula.

Students are encouraged to contact the Curricula Delegates for more information, suggestions or to discuss possible cross-curricular study plans.


Curriculum Data Science - delegate: prof. Donatella Merlini

Curriculum Resilient and Secure Cyber ​​Physical Systems - delegate: prof. Andrea Bondavalli




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