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Only 1 (one) CFU is devoted to Internships. These are typically devoted to perform in-depth analysis on topics related to the final exam (Thesis). The Thesis Supervisor will certify the Internship activities of the Student using the following module.

If an external Thesis is planned, other Internships approaches may be feasible, still in the context of the development of the Thesis.

Starting from the academic year 2017/2018, no CFUs for internships are required.

Anyway, it is possible to carry out an internship activity as part of the development of the Degree Thesis, in the case it is an external Thesis. The web platform of the University allows identifying internship proposals and companies affiliated with the University of Florence.

Once the internship has been identified, the Student must ask the Teaching Committee or the Board of the Master Degree Program for authorization. This request must be sent via e-mail to the Chair of the Master Degree, and in CC to the internship office. The request must contain the following information: description of the activity, name and address of the company, name of the university tutor, name of the company tutor, possible starting date and duration of the internship. The request must also be accompanied by an invitation (e.g., an email) from the company that is hosting the Student for the internship.

Internship abroad - To activate an internship at a foreign institution or company, you must use the procedure, and the relative forms, available on the website of the School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.




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