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Curriculum "Resilient and Secure Cyber Physical Systems"

From September 2023 the curriculum Data Science of the Master's Degree in Computer Science is transformed into the Master's Degree in Software: Science and Technology  ( in the LM 18 (Informatica) degree class.


An increasing number of devices with which we interact on a daily basis are controlled by computer systems. A Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is a system in which computational elements interact closely with physical entities, thus controlling individual, organizational or mechanical processes through the use of information and communication technologies (computers, software and networks).

Realizing cyber-physical systems is challenging and requires multidisciplinary knowledge ranging from distributed systems to sensor networks, from software engineering to artificial intelligence.In addition, to enhance the resilience and security of cyber-physical systems, verification and certification methodologies and tools are required so to ensure system survival in case of random anomalies, deliberate attacks, and in general unexpected critical events.



To provide solid computing and engineering knowledge and skills for the definition, design, verification and certification of complex systems that characterize many emerging areas such as the Internet of Things, Smart Factories and Critical Infrastructures. Interdisciplinary training in multiple areas:

  • Design and implementation of distributed and real-time cyber-physical systems.
  • Designing secure systems.
  • Paradigms and methodologies for the development of distributed and CPS-oriented applications.
  • Design, validation and certification of resilient systems.
  • Advanced programming and software development techniques based on methodologies for “Build Automation” and “Test-driven Development”.
  • Elements of numerical analysis and statistics to handle the large amount of generated data.



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The Resilient and Secure Cyber Physical Systems Curriculum is intended to provide the knowledge, formal tools and practical skills required in the aforementioned disciplines. The master’s graduate will have the skills requested by companies in the field of design, development, validation and certification of critical infrastructures, system of systems, complex systems, and IoTs.

Some examples of professional profiles are:

  • Project manager and software developer,
  • Analyst/designer of cyber-physical systems,
  • Developer of cyber-physical systems.



Teaching in English is aimed at training students with international profiles, which ensure greater competitiveness in the job market both in Italy and abroad.The master's graduate training is also targeted at advanced scientific and technological research, and in teaching activities. The master's graduate in Computer Science can enroll in the Italian Information Engineers' Registry and access PhDs in Computer Science.


See the DIDACTIC ACTIVITIES for each academic year, starting 2017-18.




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