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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Informatica


Student Reps


Degree Board 


Joint Teaching Committee

E. FranciniP. Lollini (coordinator), M.C. Verri, students: E. Matteini, M. Monicolini, F. Zaccari. The Chair of the Degree Board is allowed to participate to meetings, without voting rights.

The Joint Teaching Committee is in charge of, among others duties, analyzing the progression of student careers, identifying possible causes of low indicators, and defining corrective actions.


Didactic Committee

E. BarcucciA. Bernini,  A. BondavalliM. BorealeL. BrugnanoA. CeccarelliL. FerrariP. LolliniA. MarinoD. MerliniT. Zoppi, Presidente dei CdS in Informatica (Coordinator), E. Matteini, M. Monicolini, F. Zaccari.


The Didactic Committee decides on: 

  • study plans and students procedures;
  • course timetable, exam calendar, graduations.

Internship and Thesis Commission

A. BerniniA. BondavalliM. Boreale

The Internships and Thesis Commission deals with:
  • carry out the monitoring and recognition of CFUs of internal training activities for the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
  • take care of the formalities required by the Regulations of the Final Exam of the Master's Degree in Computer Science, relating to the recording of the activity FINAL WORK: DEVELOPMENT OF THESIS and sending to the Student Secretariat the declaration of successful completion of the IN-DEPTH ACTIVITY of the candidate


Orientation and Access Committee 

L. BettiniM. BorealeM.C. Verri, Chair of the CdS in Computer Science (Coordinator).



External services commission

A. BerniniL. BettiniA. CeccarelliP. LolliniM.C. Verri, Chair of the CdS in Computer Science (Coordinator).



Review group: composition


Steering committee:

Rosario Pugliese (presidente CdS), Alessandro Bencini (docente a contratto e Tema Sistemi Informatici Srl), Andrea Bondavalli (UniFI), Enrico Bocci (Unione Industriali), Matteo Monicolini (student rep.), Gini Rosa (ARS Toscana) Giuseppe Micalizzi (KME),  Roberto Rossi (Thales), M.Cecilia Verri (UniFI), Filippo  Zaccari (student rep.).

Primary role of the Steering committee is to contribute to the identification of the local demand on computer science skills, and to the inclusion of the local industrial and socio-economical viewpoint. The work of the Steering committee is particularly relevant to plan and review the Degree Course, to identify professional profiles that shall be build by the Degree Course, and to identify the competences and knowledge that shall be required to Computer Scientists.

last update: 25-Oct-2022
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