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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Informatica


The M.Sc. in Computer Science (LM-18) has unrestricted access to the number of enrollment.

Access to the master’s degree in Computer Science is allowed to those who have a bachelor’s degree or other qualification obtained abroad, recognized as suitable according to current legislation.

To access the master’s degree in Computer Science, the applicant must demonstrate that they meet the following curricular requirements:

  1. have achieved a final score in the bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) equal to or greater than 75% of the maximum score;
  2. have passed exams equivalent to at least 24 ETCS in the areas INF/01 (Computer Science) or ING/INF-05 (Computer Engineering), and 24 ETCS in the areas MAT/01-09 (Mathematics), FIS/01-08 (Physics) o SECS/01-06 (Statistics);
  3. have a B2 (or higher) European level English proficiency certification, reside in a country where English is the official language, or have previously completed a first-level degree course (or equivalent) held entirely in English.


The degree program Didactic Committee, through its delegates, evaluates the possession of the admission requirements based on the exams taken by the applicant to obtain the previous bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and through the verification of the applicant’s training background.

The Committee may also interview individual applicants to ascertain the possession of the knowledge and skills necessary to access the master’s degree program, which may have been acquired, for example, through courses classified in other scientific areas or through proven work experience. The interview can also allow the Committee to assess the applicant’s knowledge of the English language.

In case of a negative evaluation, the Committee may define the set of knowledge that the applicant must acquire in advance to enroll in the master’s degree.

IMPORTANT. If you are a non-EU or a EU citizen holding a bachelor’s degree obtained outside Italy, it is mandatory to fill and upload on the application web site the attached form. Failing to do so may prevent the proper evaluation of your application. 


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